Top best chastity cages for men

Chastity cages for men represent an increasingly popular accessory in the world of eroticism and BDSM sexuality. Designed to restrict access to male genitals, these cages are attracting growing interest both for their practicality and their erotic potential. Whether exploring new sensations, building trust and intimacy in a relationship, or simply adding an exciting dimension to sex life, chastity cages offer a diverse range of experiences and of possibilities.


The CB-6000 chastity cage is widely recognized as one of the most popular models on the market. Designed to suit a diverse range of penis sizes, it is especially suited to those who are new to exploring chastity. Its plastic (polycarbonate) design ensures both lightness and resistance, providing optimal comfort during use. You can consult this set of Locking Cages to make your choice.

Measuring 89mm long, the CB-6000 cage is carefully designed to fit discreetly under clothing. Its lock and key system not only allows the user to maintain complete control over the situation, but also offers their partner the opportunity to actively participate in this erotic experience. By allowing activities such as urination and ejaculation without removing the cage, it offers total immersion in chastity play, adding an exciting dimension to the relationship.

CB-X – Mini Me

The CB-X – Mini Me stands out as a safe, ventilated and customizable chastity cage, offering a comfortable and practical experience. Carefully designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the user, this cage is an ideal option for those looking for a solution suitable for small penises. With a length of just 32mm, it is renowned as the smallest chastity cage available on the market, providing a perfect fit for a variety of body shapes.

In addition to its compact size, the CB-X – Mini Me also offers additional features to ensure discretion and peace of mind when traveling. Featuring a brass lock and plastic padlock, this chastity cage ensures secure travel without compromising user comfort. Thanks to its plastic (polycarbonate) construction, it also guarantees optimal ventilation, thus avoiding any discomfort or skin irritation, and thus providing a safe and pleasant chastity experience.

ManCage 01

The ManCage 01 stands out for its design using high quality materials, guaranteeing safe and comfortable use. Renowned for its exceptional durability, this chastity cage offers a reliable and durable solution that meets the needs of the most demanding users. Carefully crafted from premium plastic (polycarbonate), it ensures a sturdy and durable chastity experience, while providing an optimal level of comfort.

Although it is affordable, the ManCage 01 requires some familiarization and more advanced handling, which may make it less suitable for beginners. At 89mm in length, this cage offers a standard size suitable for a variety of body shapes, but it can be a little more complex to use for those new to the world of chastity. However, for those looking for a premium chastity cage at an affordable price, the ManCage 01 represents an attractive choice offering durability, comfort and safety.

Public Enemy No 2

The Pubic Enemy No 2 promises a unique chastity experience, offering a range of new and exciting sensations. More than just a high-quality device, this chastity cage is designed to provide tingles and pulses that intensify the wearer’s experience until their partner decides to release them. Featuring four preset sizes, the Pubic Enemy No 2 can be adjusted to fit a variety of body shapes, ensuring personalized comfort for each user.

However, it is important to note that despite its versatility in terms of size, the length of the cage remains fixed at 82mm, which may be a limitation for some individuals. Despite this, the Pubic Enemy No 2 offers a unique combination of quality, enhanced sensations and customization, making it an attractive choice for those seeking an out-of-this-world chastity experience.

Lockdown Chastity Cage

The Lockdown Chastity Cage offers an affordable and accessible chastity solution, designed for easy and convenient use. With five different sized rings, this chastity cage can be adjusted to fit a variety of body shapes, providing personalized comfort for each user. Equipped with five plastic padlocks and one metal padlock with two keys, it guarantees enhanced security, allowing the user and their partner to fully enjoy their chastity experience with complete peace of mind.

Aside from its practical functionality, the Lockdown Chastity Cage also stands out for its attractive aesthetic, making it a desirable accessory for couples interested in exploring chastity. With a length of 80mm and a combination of ABS and metal materials, this cage offers durability and robustness that complements its visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both practicality and aesthetics in their chastity experience.

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